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MeisterSinger Distribution Newsletter September 2017

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Dear partners and friends of MeisterSinger,

We hope that this newsletter finds you well and that all of you have had a wonderful and relaxing holiday to start now full of energy a spectacular end of year season!

It has been a couple of months that you heard from us, but that of course doesn’t mean we have been relaxing, on the contrary; the complete team in Münster has been working very hard to deliver all Basel orders to you and, with some obstacles on the road, pretty well succeeded in that.

From the product management team we can report that all novelties for 2018 have been decided and will be fine-tuned now. In our humble opinion they will be very attractive!

From Sales we can report that although the situation remains very challenging on many markets, but that we as MeisterSinger expect to end this year at the 2016 level which is, under current the market circumstances, very positive. We aren’t there yet, but with your support and efforts in this last part of the year 2017 we expect it’s realistic scenario. For the rest we expect a slightly increasing and more relaxed market from 2018 on due to a) the Swiss Franc which has been adjusted in a positive way and b) the economy which world-wide is improving.

But again all of this isn’t going to happen for us if we all don't work together as a team.

New Top-20 July 2017

Always interesting for both distributors and retailers to see which models are our fast selling one’s. Take advantage of this list and convince your retailers with it to have at least most of these Top-20 on stock in this important time of the year.

MeisterSinger on Monochrome is one of the most influencing watchblogger and really a fan of our brand. A few days ago they posted a nice article about our Circularis Power Reserve.


More articles about MeisterSinger on

MeisterSinger online shop Germany

According to Mc Kinsey the online sales world-wide will double from 6 to 12 percent by 2020. By 2025 they expect the online share of the total luxury sales to be 18 percent; making e-commerce the world’s third largest luxury market after China and USA. So doing nothing is no option for all of us.

In Germany we’ve opened beginning of July our own online shop, but in a way we find every brand should do it! That means together with our brick and mortar retailers since for MeisterSinger it’s absolutely clear that on- and offline business go hand in hand. And both need each other. In our web-shop a consumer isn’t able to order a watch without choosing his preferred MeisterSinger retailer. To prove that we support our POS we give a present to the consumer (a table clock with a public price of € 89,00; shared costs with the jeweler) when he collects the ordered watch at his preferred retailer. In this way the retailer has the opportunity to win also a new customer for his shop beside the fact that he received business without doing work. Another option the consumer has is to have the watch send directly to his home, but even then the consumer has to choose a preferred retailer. Of course this retailer becomes his share of the sell.

The shop is only accessible through our .de website and delivery is only within Germany.

Here you can take a look at the shop.

Staff changes at headquarter in Münster

Unfortunately we have to inform you that Daniel Witzke from Marketing has decided to leave us. He will from September 1 be working for Mercedes-Benz Nordrhein-Westfalen. We thank him for all his efforts and wish him and his family all the best for the future. If you want to send Daniel a personal message:

We are now looking for a replacement for this important marketing position.

On the sales administration side we welcome Arman Ersarac; he will be working as a trainee for the next 3 years in our company. He is reachable under

For sure you will have contact with him in the future.

Novelties autumn 2017

No.03 – 40mm

Most of you already received recently the ordered pieces of this model; first sell-out results have been reported and sound very promising.

Delivery already in progress.


Novelties autumn 2017

Peter Henlein edition

Limited to 24 pieces, this model was already sold out during Basel. The only MeisterSinger with a second hand and therefore also suitable and certified as COSC Chronometer. Of course with our own movement MSH01.

Delivery in October.

Edition Peter Henlein
Edition Peter Henlein

Novelties autumn 2017

MeisterSinger City Edition

Last, but certainly not least this highly successful model. Retailers in 44 Cities worldwide have joined us in this new and unique project.

Just to name some cities: Berlin, Amsterdam, London, Paris, Madrid, Prague, Vienna, Singapore, Tokyo , Sydney, New York, Lisbon, Luxemburg, Jerusalem and of course Münster.

MeisterSinger is the first and only watch brand with a city edition in such a low quantity. With this edition we give our retailers the opportunity to surprise their customers and distinguish themselves from the competitors in their city.

Delivery of all editions will be beginning / middle of September.

More information on the landing page of this model.


Without doing injustice to the others we want to highlight 2 editions:

  1. Rotterdam - The Netherlands. Our retailer van Willegen ( ordered 100 pieces with a special hand in the shape of a tower (Euromast) of his city. Pre-sold so far more than 80 pieces!
  2. Jerusalem: We and our Israeli partner don’t want to act as or pretend that we are the world peacemaker, but the case back of this edition has really a wonderful message "Three religions, one hand for peace" and shows the Catholic Church , Islamic Mosque and the Jewish wall of this holy city. Certainly after the horrible terroristic attack in Barcelona a few weeks ago; wouldn't it be nice if this edition would  make at least a number of people realize that we all should live in peace together on this wonderful planet…
1. Rotterdam edition
1. Rotterdam edition
1. Caseback Rotterdam edition
1. Caseback Rotterdam edition
2. Jerusalem edition
2. Jerusalem edition
2. Caseback Jerusalem edition
2. Caseback Jerusalem edition

That's it for now

We are looking forward to make together with all of you the last 4 months of this year enjoyable and successful. We wish you all the best and if there’s anything you need; just ask. We’re there to help and together as a team we will make it happen!

Warmest greetings,


Manfred Brassler   John van Steen



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