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MeisterSinger Distribution Newsletter October 2016

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Dear partners and friends of MeisterSinger,

We hope that you all are doing fine and you’re ready for the end of the year season.

With this newsletter we want to inform you about some practical and other business matters. 

Business worldwide and a small warning

As mentioned in our previous newsletter our line of business is very challenging at this moment, although MeisterSinger is still doing very well with an exceptional plus till end of September. However we are currently experiencing a much lower backorder status since our distributors and the retailers are much more careful with their stock. Sell out of MeisterSinger is quite good almost everywhere, but re-ordering due to the bad performance of our competitors harder.
This means that we as a company have to be more careful with our stock, so it might be that in some cases we can’t deliver as quickly as we used to. We might perhaps have to tell you towards the end of the year: “Sorry, next year you’re the first.”

This just to have you informed and warned in advance.

New order form

We adjusted our writeable order form with the new Top-20 from end of June and add the 2 new Phanero’s Mother of Pearl. Very useful for your sales conversations.


Reference retailers worldwide

Hereby a list of retailers worldwide of which we are proud of to be represented in. This list may help you to enter the shop of your potential customer since it contains some quite impressive names. Should you miss one of your retailers of whom you think should also be on this list don’t hesitate to mention it to us.


Sales arguments for MeisterSinger

Most likely you’ve heard about all of them already, but nevertheless good to have them on paper.
It’s now time to sow in order to harvest for the spring so a good time to use them!


Top 20

Hereby again as reminder the latest Top 20. A great selling tool for you to sell in during the coming months!

Novelty autumn 2016: Phanero Mother of Pearl

As a reminder hereby the two autumn novelties of which we informed you in our previous newsletter. If you haven't ordered them yet; here's your chance to do it now!

Fact sheet Phanero Mother of Pearl
Retail price: € 1.549,00
Availability: Now

Phanero Mother of Pearl

Core range

Regularly we get the question; what should our retailer have on stock in order to have a good average assortment of MeisterSinger and following that good chance to sell to an interested consumer. As attachment you receive our advised start collections 2016:

15 watches : good average – good chance of selling to consumer
18 watches : better average – better chance of selling to consumer
22 watches : best average – best chance of selling to consumer

Life can be really simple, since less gives lower chances and more gives better chances! ! Take advantage of these collection proposals in order to convince your retailer to keep a certain minimum stock and sell the missing pieces. This of course in combination with our Top-20.

That's it for now

Wish you all the best with this important period for all of us!

Should you have any questions or need marketing materials / graphic’s etc.  please don’t hesitate to contact us. 

Take care and keep in touch.

Warmest regards,


Manfred Brassler   John van Steen



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