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MeisterSinger Distribution Newsletter April 2018

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Dear partners and friends of MeisterSinger,

We trust that this newsletter finds you well and for those of you who visited Baselworld 2018; we hope you had some good rest after this exciting and exhausting fair.

The lessions we have learned from this fair are mixed; our Basel turnover have increased by almost 18% compared to 2017 so it´s a good reason to be very happy. On the other hand messages during this fair remain undoubtedly clear; our industry is still under a lot of pressure and for sure this coming year will be again very challenging for all of us. Happily several major brands confirmed their participation for Baselworld 2019 which will be held from March 21 till March 26. What will happen after that nobody knows since the organisation of the Baselworld didn’t show any real signs of improvement towards smaller independents like us so far. Let’s see and wait.

As said during the speech in Basel we all need to unite as a team in order to resist the pressure of the big groups towards our customers. As a team it’s our job to convince our retailers and potential retailers of the fact that MeisterSinger is complementary to their assortment instead of being a competition towards their existing collection. MeisterSinger gives them a tool to surprise and entertain their customers!!! MeisterSinger brings them additional sales!!!This Baselworld already showed that this message starts being heard since a large number of good retailers and chains have visited us and some of them came on board. So as long as we continue to tell our story and philosophy and co-operate as a team we’re convinced that our future will look bright, since one thing remains constant; the consumer appreciates what we’re doing and sales are increasing.

Baselworld 2018

First of all we want to thank all of you who were there for their wonderful support and efforts during this fair at our completely new booth. All our novelties have exceeded our expectations in the sellout during this fair:

Lunascope: available May/June
Black Line: available April/May
Metris: available April/May

No.01-40 mm: available April/May
Salthora Meta X Transparent Limited Edition: available April/May

Line Extensions: available April/May

Limited Editions:

Peter Henlein Edition and 24 hours editions : Only a few pieces of each line are left

Reminder: As far as you didn’t already; please forward your Basel orders by return to us in order to be sure you receive the novelties in time.

Of course we will also release a new City Edition this year. Please forward us your orders a.s.a.p. since we will make the final artwork of all cities within the month of April in order to start the production in May. Delivery in August/September.

Travel collections

All travel collection orders we’ve received from you so far have priority in Münster. You’ll receive them soon so that you can visit your customers who hadn’t had the opportunity and pleasure to come to Basel.

Overview of the novelties Baselworld 2018




ED-C18 - Ltd. Edition
ED-C18 - Ltd. Edition
ED-C18 - Ltd. Edition

ED-C18 - Ltd. Edition
ED-C18 - Ltd. Edition
ED-C18 - Ltd. Edition
ED-C18 - Ltd. Edition
ED-C18 - Ltd. Edition
SAMX902TR - Ltd. Edition
ED-C18 - Ltd. Edition
ED2018-24H01 - Ltd. Edition
ED-C18 - Ltd. Edition
ED2018-24H17G - Ltd. Edition
ED-C18 - Ltd. Edition
ED-HEN18 - Ltd. Edition
ED-C18 - Ltd. Edition
ED-C18 - Ltd. Edition
ED-C18 - Ltd. Edition

Some extra information

Pictures and press releases novelties:



Black Line:

New Cataloque 2018 in German/English - Dutch/French – Italian/Spanish

The new retailer book 2018; hard copies will follow in the coming weeks

Writeable order form PDF’s for both complete collection and only novelties

Order form complete stocklist 2018 you will find here:

Order form novelties 2018 you will find here:

Here is an overview of all press releases regarding our novelties we received so far:

MeisterSinger brand movie

As already shown in Basel, we shot a new brand movie that we do not want to withhold from you. We hope you will like it!

Watch the new clip here:

That's it for now

We will be in contact with you regularly in the upcoming period since we have some very nice ideas in terms of marketing in order to support more and more of our POS worldwide. So watch your mailbox!

That’s all for you. We wish you all the best during this coming period and if there’s anything you need; just ask. We’re there to help and together as a team we will make it happen!

Warmest greetings,


Manfred Brassler   John van Steen



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