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MeisterSinger Autumn 2015

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Dear partners and friends of MeisterSinger,

after a too long silence from our side you hereby receive our autumn newsletter with some valuable information for your end of the year business. This silence has nothing to do with the fact that we were lazy or sitting in the sun, but with the fact that we had and have a tremendous amount of work to do here in Münster. Developing novelties Basel 2016 , introduction Adhaesio, expanding our offices and last but not least a turnover which is exploding at this moment with double digit growth; something which is not quite common in our market at the moment, so we are very lucky with that and for sure not complaining.


Just a couple of weeks ago we started with the delivery of the Adhaesio, world’s first single hand dual timer. The pre-sales were already a big success and the first sell out reports show us that also the consumers like this model very much. In production we are working hard to meet the demand, however most likely is that the model will be pretty soon sold out for the rest of the year. Of course all current orders will be delivered most likely by the beginning/middle of November.

Please take a look at the nice video our marketing department made for this model.

Adhaesio video on YouTube

Milanaise Bracelet

Due to the tremendous success of our new Milanaise bracelet MIL-20 we decided to increase the number of available sizes, new is now the XS size:

The bracelet is now also available in 3 sizes:
XS = 130 mm / Normal = 150 mm / XL = 170mm

Top-20: October 16th

Hereby you receive the latest Top-20 list. Please feel free to distribute it also to your customers so that they can enter the end of the year season with optimal collections.
Some important conclusions we can conclude looking at this list are:

  • Models which are in our collection for over more than 5 years now are making 50% of this list. This is a very important conclusion since it shows us that watches like No.01 – No.03 - Perigraph and Pangaea don’t have any signs of expiration at all.
  • Since its relaunch at Basel World 2015 the Neo is again very well represented in this list. A sign that also the consumer really appreciates this new look of the Neo and ,also thinks that it’s now more than ever a real MeisterSinger.
  • Blue; we already saw it last year, but the trend now is only getting stronger and stronger. Blue is the new black and many models with the blue dial are represented in this Top-20. The new Perigraph in Blue AM 1008 is now even the No.1 on the new list!

Wall and table clocks

As every year the Wall and Table clocks are selling very well in the end of the year season, since it’s a nice gift for people and can be used by the retailer as discount-stopper!

Please order them in time for this purpose.

New website

Since a couple of weeks we have a new website of which we are very proud. Please be our guest and take a look at it. We will be happy if you give us your feed-back; positive and/or negative. All is welcome!


Benjamin Franklin Edition at Times Square

In our newsletter of August 19 we mentioned to you this limited edition from our USA distributor Duber Time. After our mail they did a very nice marketing campaign in the States with among others also a bill-board at Times Square. How cool is that!

That's it for now

We are not able to say more at this moment, but at beginning/middle of November we will report again with some wonderful news.

Until then, good luck with the end of the year business and if you’ve any questions/remarks, but most of all orders ;) please let us know!

Warmest regards,

Manfred BrasslerJohn van Steen



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