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Hier dürfen Sie uns Ihre Meinung über uns und MeisterSinger mitteilen. Wir freuen uns auf ihre Kommentare. Für Fragen oder Anregungen nutzen Sie bitte unser Kontaktformular. Bitte beachten Sie, dass Ihr Eintrag erst nach 2-3 Werktagen aktiviert wird.

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I just purchased my first Meistersinger, the NL Edition 2015 wich is based on the no3. With stunning rose gold appliques on a sunburst antracite dial and the crown placed on the left side. Limited on 115 pieces. I am very impressed by the quality and finish of the watch. Can't wait to buy another one!

Paul Van Hoorn aus Puttershoek, NL 22.01.16


It is amazing your watch design concept , since the first time I have looked an Meistersinger watch, maybe a couple of years in a store in Bogotá. I hope someday have one of them.

Jorge Parra aus Bogotá 08.01.16


I have just purchased a Perigraph from Watches of Switzerland in London. I'm very impressed with the quality of the finish on the case and the detailing of the movement. A really nice watch to add to my collection. Well done Meistersinger.

Martin Wiltshire aus Kent, UK 07.01.16


I just wanted to say that your web site is really really gorgeous and fantastic.

Celine 30.11.15


Ich bin einfach stolz eine Meistersinger zu tragen,
sie gibt mir Zeit...

Stefan Weibel aus CH Steffisburg 23.10.15


Just purchased my first Meistersinger watch. I chose the Pangaea wore it to work for the first time today and never had so many complimentary comments on a watch I have worn.
Its true the look from everybody that they have just worked out how it works has been of amazement and fun. I Purchased it from Mappen and Webb in Glasgow. Lovely experience

Allan Ross 15.10.15